Growing it out for cancer awareness

Everyone knows what the pink ribbon represents—breast cancer awareness. And when you see the “Donate Life” t-shirts everywhere, you know the nation is focused on promoting organ donation. But what ...

Adult ADHD: Yes, It Actually Exists

When someone says “ADHD,” chances are you think of overly-rambunctious children for whom the concept of sitting still is completely foreign. But, for many people, ADHD—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—doesn’t magically ...

5 Things You’ll Notice About Your Baby’s Development: 0 to 6 Months

As a new mom, you’re probably constantly in awe of the speed at which your baby develops during her first six months of life. By the time she reaches six ...


The “Scariest” Parts of Colonoscopies Explained

The word “colonoscopy” can, understandably, make people cringe (and sit a little ...

Staying Smart about Prostate Cancer

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and our team at Timpanogos Regional ...

Finding a New Doctor: Must-Ask Questions for Your New Physician

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to switch doctors. Whether you’ve ...

Other Health Topics

Third Trimester: A Closer Look at the Home Stretch of Pregnancy

When you reach the third trimester of pregnancy—weeks 25 through 38, you’re in the home stretch. On one hand, it’s just a matter of waiting for your baby to make her debut. But from her point of view, there’s still a lot of work to be done before she’s ready for the life on the [...]

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A Week-By-Week Look at Your Baby’s Development During the Second Trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy—weeks 12 through 24—is an exciting time. By now, the reality of the situation has probably sunk in. No, you did not dream about that positive pregnancy test. There’s a real live human being growing inside you. Her growth during the first trimester was measured in ounces. But by the end [...]

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What You Need to Know About Enterovirus or EV-D68

You may be aware that an increasing number of children in several U.S. states have been diagnosed with Enterovirus D68.  Following are some facts and information that can help you to understand why this virus is gaining national attention and how to reduce your child’s risk of contracting it. Enteroviruses are quite common, as there [...]

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3 Myths about Enterovirus 68

It may be cliche, but information really is power, especially during an outbreak that preys on children. Enterovirus D68 is the hot topic in medical news, because it’s put children across the midwest in the hospital—sometimes in the intensive care unit with severe respiratory symptoms. Being properly informed is step one toward making sure the [...]

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By the Numbers: A Look at Your Baby’s Development During the First Trimester

You probably already know that a typical pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, and that a pregnancy is considered full-term after 39 weeks. As your pregnancy progresses, you’re probably all too aware of the increasing number on the scale—and your expanding belly. But do you know what exactly is going on inside that belly? Your [...]

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