First-Time Mom? 9 Trends To Know About Labor And Postpartum Care

If you’re a first-time mom, you have plenty to consider before the contractions hit. Sure, you need to work on the registry and decide what color to paint the nursery. ...

Is Breast Cancer Hereditary? What Moms and Daughters Should Know

If your mom had breast cancer, you may wonder what that means for you and your risk of developing breast cancer, too. But the answer to the question “Is breast ...

New Year’s Resolutions: Make sure you sleep

Have you ever fallen asleep in long meetings? Or worse, felt drowsy during your commute. If so, you’re probably sleep deprived. With the New Year around the corner, here’s a ...


The “Scariest” Parts of Colonoscopies Explained

The word “colonoscopy” can, understandably, make people cringe (and sit a little ...

Staying Smart about Prostate Cancer

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and our team at Timpanogos Regional ...

Finding a New Doctor: Must-Ask Questions for Your New Physician

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to switch doctors. Whether you’ve ...

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6 Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones. But when friends and family live far away, it’s important to plan your travels accordingly. In addition to the usual trip logistics—budgeting expenses, purchasing plane tickets, booking hotel rooms, packing enough clothes—there’s another important aspect to consider: your health. After all, no one wants to [...]

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How To Protect Your Preemie From Infection At Home

Your baby arrived a bit earlier than expected. But no worries. With a little extra TLC, he’ll be fine, just like more than 90% of babies born at 27 to 28 weeks, according to the March of Dimes. Why are preemies more likely to get sick? For preemies, important organs like the brain, lungs, and [...]

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How to choose your OBGYN

There may not be a more important choice concerning your health as a woman, than choosing a great OBGYN. Patient and physician relationships should always consist of friendly and open dialog. With women’s special needs, this desire for a great relationship is exemplified. Choosing a doctor with whom you are comfortable and have a complete trust [...]

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4 Tips for Controlling Yourself at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to reflect on the good things that have happened throughout the past year. But we all know what it’s really about—eating. And not just eating, but indulging. If you ate your Thanksgiving spread any more often than once a year, the needle on the scale would keep moving [...]

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Growing it out for cancer awareness

Everyone knows what the pink ribbon represents—breast cancer awareness. And when you see the “Donate Life” t-shirts everywhere, you know the nation is focused on promoting organ donation. But what does it mean when, say, the clean-shaven guys at work and in the gym start to let their 5 o’clock shadows show. Then the next [...]

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