One man’s explanation: Why a NICU is better than Ninjas.

As a father of four small children, I freshly recall how amazing it is to watch the miracle of childbirth unfold before my eyes. I also remember how intimidating the experience can be, especially for first-time Dads. Now don’t get me wrong Moms, I’m sure you’ve got your share of valid concerns, but you also have a plethora of resources designed especially to help you through. But where, may I ask, is the extended arm of support to the dude dads seated in the birthing suite recliner chairs right next to you?

After all, there’s a lot more going on under our masculine frame than you might expect. There’s anticipation and apprehension cage fighting in the pit of our stomachs, generating an immeasurable amount of gastrointestinal pressure. Yes, we promise that is just apprehension you’re smelling. And what about the unending onslaught of potential delivery scenarios flashing before our eyes: What if we’re at the store when it happens? What if we’re on a boat? What if we’re being chased by ninjas in armored vehicles over a less-than-dependable suspension bridge?

Luckily, Timpanogos Regional Hospital has helped alleviate the concerns of delivering a baby in front of ninjas in armored vehicles thanks to the recent expansion of their Level III NICU, or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. What that means is that their NICU has been designated by the State of Utah as having the expertise and technology required to deliver excellent care to newborns as young as 28 weeks gestation age – and as small as 1 1/2 pounds.

To learn more about what you and your wife can expect from a hospital with a NICU and why it’s important, watch the video below:

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