Threats to Men’s Health

If I were to ask you what the top seven threats to a man’s health are, I would bet you’d get at least five of them correct. But how many of them would you be willing to change?

It’s okay. I feel the same way. There are some days where I’d rather see my own mortality sitting on a plate (in the form of a bacon cheeseburger) instead of a salad. But so many of the leading threats to a man’s health can be prevented. According to the medical editors at the Mayo Clinic, here are the seven biggest threats to a man’s health (click here for the full article), and some ways that places like Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Utah County can help:

  1. Heart Disease. This threat (and almost all that follow) can be beaten back by choosing not to smoke, limiting alcohol and managing stress, as well as keeping up what I call the Big Two: 1) eat less and 2) exercise. Maintaining a healthy diet, a healthy weight and daily physical activity are important, as well as managing chronic conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.
  2. Cancer. Lung, skin, prostate and colorectal cancers are especially large problems in men. And guess what the ways to beat this threat are? Yep. Eat less and exercise. Also, don’t smoke, limit alcohol (seeing a pattern yet?) and protect yourself from overexposure to the sun. Make sure and get regular cancer screenings, because early detection is important.
  3. Accidents. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of fatal accidents among men, especially where alcohol, drugs, excessive sleepiness and no seat belts are concerned. Also? Don’t be dumb. If your roof looks too steep to put holiday lights on, it is.
  4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases. Chronic lung conditions are things like bronchitis and emphysema, and are made much worse by smoking. Ask your doctor about flu and pneumonia vaccines, too.
  5. Strokes. Sometimes, strokes just happen, but some contributing factors can be controlled, like (I bet you can guess) not smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, and making healthy lifestyle choices.
  6. Type 2 Diabetes. This affects the way your body uses blood sugar, and if it isn’t controlled, it can lead to heart disease, eye problems, nerve damage and other complications. I won’t even insult you with what the ways to avoid this are (ref. #’s 1-5), but men with diabetes need to work closely with medical professionals, like those in the Diabetes Treatment Center at Timpanogos Regional Hospital.
  7. Suicide. No jokes here, but it is important to know that this is a leading men’s health risk. Depression or signs of depression should be treated seriously, and any man contemplating suicide should call for emergency help or drive straight to the nearest emergency room. The average wait time at Timpanogos Regional is frequently 10 minutes or less.

How can it all be summed up? Like this. Eat better, and less. Skip the drive-through. Manage the conditions you have, and most importantly, work with medical professionals to catch things like strokes, cancer and heart disease early.

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