Fitness For Women – Simple and Personal, Then Effective

As women, when it comes to fitness, why do we so often find ourselves chasing our own tails?  I know I’ve felt that way over the years.  And, I think I have an idea on the why.

We hear and know how important fitness is to our health and our families.  Then we hear that jogging is the best overall exercise.  Or, if you worry about joint pain then it’s walking, or perhaps the elliptical.  Then it’s all about the benefits of body motion and balance through yoga or Pilates.  But wait.  Now we hear how we can’t truly be fit without weight training.  So, it’s this new ab machine, or those nifty new hand weights.  And, can you really do it all without the guidance of a personal trainer?  Classes?  Spinning?  Zumba?  Rest and Recovery periods?  Heart Rates and Monitors?  Tail Chasing.

Slow… it… down.  With all the options and voices and opinions we can easily get dragged into a storm of jumping from this to that to the other.  And in the end feel like we’ve made no forward motion.

First thing’s first.  We need to decide what we want to get out of our exercise.  Skinny jeans?  Sexy muscles?  Heart health?  Daily mental reprieve?   Then it’s time to choose what fits our desired outcome.

Maybe you are like me.  For years and years I thought I was motivated to exercise in order to be skinny.  And my fitness routines were pretty darn faithful.  In the end however, the skinny goal was too elusive and ultimately frustrating.  What I find motivates me truly is general health.  I do want to feel good about myself but the truth is I am mostly and most often satisfied with my soft curves.  And I want to maintain that plus keep my insides healthy and happy.

Once you know what truly motivates you to exercise, then you can choose what fitness options truly fit your style.  All of those crazy options are awesome possibilities when you are holding the reigns in calm choice.  You might find you prefer outside exercise, or maybe you like being surrounded by people at a gym, or maybe you like the privacy of your basement.  Maybe you look forward to dancing, or running, or stretching or intense muscle training.  Or maybe you like a combination.

After you understand your fitness self, it’s so much easier to get the doing of it done.  Now you can rely on the knowledge out there regarding the balance you personally need between energy in and energy out.

In all my years of business management and human resources, one phrase seems to apply almost universally when striving for success in some area or other:  K.I.S.S.  Or, Keep It Simple, (Stupid).  The stupid part is really unnecessary.  The keeping it simple part is the key.  It keeps your head in the game and keeps the goals you need to achieve in sight and in reach.

Finally, success in fitness should be achieved with the support of your doctor.  Find a physician that fits you and keep him or her in the loop on what you do and why.  Knowing your medical doctor is part of your support group keeps you on the fitness path.

And if you really want your doctor to understand and be supportive, you can’t find better than Timpanogos Regional Hospital.  We believe that women are special; and understand that you put your heart into taking care of everyone around you.   Our women’s services match that same passion and devotion into taking better care of you. Our team of medical professionals focuses on preventive care that promotes optimal health during each new stage of a woman’s life.  This Utah County Hospital provides smart care for smart women.

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