Orthopedic Care- Joint/Knee Resurfacing

Like a lot of men out there my husband hates shopping.  At first I thought it was because he despised going to a crowded mall and rummaging through sale racks, since he refuses to pay full price for any kind of clothing other than ski gear.  Yet, as our marriage progressed I began to realize that it wasn’t necessarily the shopping that he hated, it was the fact that nothing seemed to fit him.

He has long legs and a shorter torso.  He also has a small waist and rather broad shoulders, so shirts tend to bunch at the top and hang low, while his pants are usually too short or too wide.

I began to feel his pain as I could relate to things never quite fitting right.  It was almost as if we were this freak couple that didn’t fit into the extensive array of sizes that the rest of society seemed to have no problem with.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve found clothes that fit, but more often that not we buy clothes that fit “all right” since we really like them.  They get the job done at least, and if need be we can always get them altered.

Just like all the generic sizes out there, there are also generics when it comes to surgery, especially orthopedic surgery.  Typically when some goes in for joint replacement the component that is used to replace the joint is usually a standard, nonspecific component.  Yet, at Timpanogos Regional we’ve come to realize that generic doesn’t always work for everybody.

Instead of performing what is known as a joint replacement, we perform a procedure called joint resurfacing.  In this surgical procedure, the components are designed specifically for the patient.  The component is created to replicate the anatomy of the patient to meet the unique anatomic needs of that particular individual.

In doing so, patients normally experience less pain and are able to regain motion faster because the design of the joint component is specific to them.  The bone and ligament are preserved substantially, which renders options for the surgeon to be much greater in the event that the component does wear out.

Joints, particularly knees and hips, hurt for all kinds of reasons, which is why we have all kinds of orthopedic treatments to help combat these joint conditions.  We believe that “one size” doesn’t fit all, and we’re here to help you explore the best orthopedic care options for you.

For more information on joint resurfacing and orthopedic care at Timpanogos Regional Hospital call us at: 1-800-848-4652.

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